​Massage cupping of large areas of the body for the purpose of lymphatic drainage or circulatory massage performed with Medicupping machine.

Gua Sha

​Used to increase circulation or release heat from a given area or muscle.  Often described as a deep tissue massage as a scraping tool is used with oils to massage certain areas of tension or strain.

Kinesiology Taping

​Kinesiology Taping involves the use of a soft, elastic tape on affected muscles or tissue in order to signal the brain to correct any compensation or faulty muscle patterns that may be leading to incorrect posture or pain.  A full session involves an intake and exam with brief application of manual therapy to increase mobility in the joint and relieve muscle stiffness, followed by the application of tape to the affected muscle or joint.  The session will conclude with recommendations for corrective exercises for stretching or strengthening of involved tissue.  Kinesiology taping may also be added on to an existing service or you may come in for re-taping of the same area for a discounted price as the intake and exam have already been completed.

​Full Session $40  |  Add-on $20  |  Re-Tape $10  


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​Gua Sha

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​Cupping in one area followed by a light massage of cupped area to facilitate removal of stagnate qi and blood.  10-15 mins.  Note:  May leave a "hicky-like" marking on the skin.

Customized Therapeutic Masssage

​Includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, or Prenatal Massage

Hot Stone Massage or Aromatherapy Massage

​60min $75  |  90min $100 

Initial Acupuncture Treatment

For first-time patients.  Treatment includes consultation, exam and Acupuncture treatment. 



Follow-Up Acupuncture Treatments

​For returning clients.  Session includes follow-up exam and Acupuncture treatment.


​30min $35  |  60min $65  |  90min $90 


30min $40  |  60min $70


Erasing pain one needle at a time

Kinesiology Taping


30min $45  |  60min $75

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